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Best Dogs For Hunting

Originally, man hunted for food. Hunting also made it possible to obtain the fur, horns or woods of certain animals. It has become a leisure activity and a privilege for the nobility.

To be the most effective in this practice, man has always needed his best friend: the dog.

Indeed, good hunting depends on several factors: the environment, the skills of the hunter and the best types of dogs for hunting deer.


The beat is a group hunting technique that involves trackers, shooters, jacks and common dogs. Each stakeholder has a role in the success of the operation.

This method is most often used to hunt game such as deer, wild boar, fox, and deer. It begins with a reconnaissance step to identify with certainty the area where the game is located.

Well trained dogs with an excellent flair are required for this step called “make the foot”. Once the game is found, the trackers with the dogs push them back to the area where the snipers are ready to open fire.

Once the animal to be hunted is at a good distance, they come into action with their shotguns.


Being effective in hunting requires a well-trained dog. Before all, know that dressage requires time, patience, and technique.

Then, it is necessary to know if the dog has learned the basic orders if it has already undergone a training without constraint. If this is the case, your task will be less complicated, as your current dog should be able to hold a stop on a game.

Before going further in your dressage, teach your dog to obey your voice, then the whistle. Once this stage is over, your fellow hunter will be able to learn new simple orders such as “take”, “door” or “give”.

Learning must be done step by step, with repetitive exercises. Then your dog will pass the test of fire. He must be familiar with shooting, differentiate the different types of sounds: that of your voice, that of a whistle and that of a rifle.

A cork gun would do the trick as a tool to begin this last stage. In your quest, you may need the following accessories: a whistle, collar or hunting leash, locating collar for common dogs.

For a fast and successful dressage, you also have the choice of soliciting a professional.


The dog is an animal which, like the wolf, behaves favorably to life in a pack. For these animals, the pack is perceived as a social unit with a hierarchy led by a dominant dog.

Often, there is a cohesion of the group and each individual has a specific place. Good hunters, especially those who practice hunting, have at their disposal a pack of efficient and well trained current dogs.


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